Somerset and Dorset Folk Diary

Local Organisations

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Take Art, Somerset

Take Art logo

Village Performance Scheme

Organises, in conjunction with various village halls across Somerset, a series of events and workshops. These range from film nights, through theatre, to all varieties of music.

Artsreach, Dorset

Artsreach logo

"Artsreach's overall aim is to enrich the quality of life of people living in rural Dorset by providing both outlets for, and access to, the arts."

That's what is says on their programme. Artsreach organises a wide variety of events throughout Dorset, mostly in village halls and the like. As well as folk concerts, these events include theatre, puppets, dance and others. Well worth a look.

Under One Sun

Under One Sun

Under One Sun is a not-for-profit association, based in west Somerset, with the aim of 'raising levels of awareness, appreciation and respect regarding differing cultures, particularly through artistic performances and educational activities.' We interpret 'cultures' widely and see cultural diversity in terms of traditions, lifestyles and age-ranges - within Britain and worldwide - as something to celebrate.

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