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Receiving Messages

Getting a message onto the list

History and changes

Miscellaneous and technical


Please remember that, for the most part, I'm nothing to do with the organisation of any of these events. I'm passing on information I have in good faith, but cannot be held responsible for any errors. Please check with the event organisers (and I'd appreciate being told about any errors - thanks).

Receiving messages

How do I subscribe to this list?

Complete the form on the subscribing page.

How often should I get one of these messages?

I normally send out a message once a week, usually on Mondays. However, this is not guaranteed. Particularly during the Summer not enough happens to make a weekly message worthwhile. Other random events such as holidays or the day job can also get in the way.

What’s in the messages?

The messages list all the events (dances, concerts, sessions) for the next four weeks plus any new entries when ever they’re due. The new stuff is display in red. What’s not listed are regular events, such as weekly or monthly sessions or dance clubs. These can be found here.

I haven't had a message for three weeks - what should I do?

I've got a friend who'd like to get these messages, what should I do?

Tell them about the subscription page or send me their email address and ask for them to be added to the list. (I'd really prefer it if they sent me an email themselves - just so I'm sure that they really do want their inbox filled with this stuff.)

I don't want to get any more messages, what should I do?

Send me an email asking to be taken off the address list. If you change your mind, just send another message asking to be put back on. It would be nice if you said why you’re leaving.

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Getting an event onto the list

I'd like you to publicise my barn dance/concert/singaround, what do I do?

Tell me about it (preferably by completing this form). You will need the following information.

Exactly what area do you cover?

The title says 'Somerset and Dorset', but there's a bias towards the Yeovil area, if only because that's where I live, so it's easier to find out what's going on. Currently, I don't get much information about the Taunton and Bridgwater areas, but Minehead is well covered. Most of Dorset seems to be well covered by various contacts who let me know what's going on in their area.

My event is only just over the border into Devon (or Wiltshire, or Hampshire). Please will you list it?

Sorr, but no. In the early days of the service, I did occasionally drift over the borders, but as the number of events covered grew, I found I had to be strict.

I'd like you to tell people about this wonderful jazz concert/pantomime/art exhibition I'm running

Sorry - folk events only. I'm fairly lenient about my definition of 'folk' but I do have to draw the line somewhere. What I will do occasionally is tell people if there is a venue or series of events happening which is outside my remit but I think there might be some cross over (for example - I only list the Dorset Artsreach events which are folk oriented, but I have been known to tell people about Artsreach as an organisation so they can find out more information for themselves).

We've done a really nice poster/flyer/press release as an Adobe PDF file. Should I send it to you?

Please remember that SaDFolk is (effectively) a text-only system. So, I’m afraid you’re loving crafted poster isn’t really much help. And, unlike Microsoft Word files (and most other formats for that matter) it is sometimes very difficult to cut and paste the text from a PDF, which means I have to copy type it. Just the text, in for example an email, is far more convenient for me.

However, I can now deal with most word processors, so if you are not too sure what to do, or want to add me to a press release mailing list, that's OK.

Could you provide a link my web page?

Send me the link and I'll have a look.

May I post a link to this web site?


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History and changes

Why the name change?

This site and email service used to be hosted on my old "free" Freeserve site (Now replaced by our personal site). This provided a fairly limited range of services and storage space. I wanted to expand the range of things I was doing on the web (I was also webmaster for the morris teams Treacle Eater Clog and Babylon), so decided to start separate web sites for all three. Amongst other things, it enables the event submission form to work!

Didn't this page mention Yeovil once upon a time?

Yes. When I started the list, I was intending it to cover those events I could get to. The geographical limits were intended to be about a forty-five minute drive from my house. However, the list took on a life of its own and I started to get details of things which were outside that area, but were within an equivalent area for friends who received the list. It seemed churlish not to mention them, so the area grew. It then changed to "Somerset and Dorset Folk Events", which is a bit of a mouthful. The current "SADFolk" tag arrived when the service moved to its own web domain.

My messages look different these days - they used not to have my email address on, did they?

Correct. Following a tightening up of anti-spam policies by one of the free ISPs I've had to change the way the messages are sent out. Originally, there was one message sent to a list, but the list was hidden (for full details see the 'miscellaneous and technical' section below). Now I send out an individual message to each subscriber. This takes longer, but I think provides a better service for you.

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Miscellaneous and technical

Why do you run this as an email service, not just as a web page?

There are two reasons.

How are the messages put together? Do you just use Outlook?

I started with Outlook Express, but soon found a limitation when it comes large address lists. You can neither search nor sort them. So I wrote my own mailer program in Perl (or rather, I strung some Perl library calls together!). The address list is just a plain text file. The event data is now in a MySQL database.

Who are you?

Steve Cunio. I live in Montacute, near Yeovil. My primary 'folk' interests are morris and calling for barn dances, although I enjoy concerts, sessions, workshops and so on as well (most of the stuff covered by the list, in fact). As well as the personal site, I can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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